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User Agreement

1.This agreement is made between www.vra.asia (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) with a client who is a user of the service (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”), where the Client intends to trade digital assets with the Company. By agreeing to comply with regulations regarding digital assets and digital asset exchanges. The Company and the customer have therefore agreed to an agreement with the following terms and details. In this agreement, the term “digital assets shall include Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens or any other digital assets to be determined by the Securities and Exchange Commission “digital asset trading center” shall include Any center or network provided for the purchase or exchange of digital assets. by matching or finding a contract partner Or organizing a system or facilitating those who wish to trade or exchange digital assets can make an agreement or match with each other. by conducting normal business, but not including a center or network in the manner that the Commission The SEC announced that “buy” shall include Subscription of digital assets by “customer” shall include Customers who have registered to create an account through the Company's website. By agreeing and accepting the terms and conditions specified under this agreement. and agrees that the Client shall bear the risk and rewards of buying, trading or holding digital assets unilaterally on the Company's website. “SEC” means the Securities and Exchange Commission “Personal Verification Numbers” (PINs) means The electronic personal identification number of the customer designated by the Company. for trading digital assets under the terms of this Agreement
2. Creation of user accounts
2.1 Customer Qualifications
(1) is 18(eighteen) years of age or
(2) A juristic person established under Thai law. or a foreign juristic person
2.2 Account Registration
(1) to use the services of the company The Client must also register on the Company's website
Account Creation by filling out personal data (personal identification data) in accordance with the company's acceptance policy and compliance with the money laundering and anti-terrorism financing laws; and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, such as name, surname, nationality, identification number passport number correct mobile phone number, address, date of birth, occupation, origin/income level, email address and other relevant information
(2) The Client agrees and accepts that it is the Company's sole discretion to approve the User Account. and the Company may refuse to create a Customer's account. or limit the exchanges to which the Client is entitled and maintained throughout the account holding
(3) Customers must provide their personal data. and in sending such personal data to that company The customer certifies that All information is true and correct. And the customer agrees to update such information to be up to date. In case of data changes
(4) The customer agrees to inform and provide the following information. as well as provide clarifications to explain details about such information to the Company, the SEC Office or any other government agency with legal authority upon request by the Company and/or such agencies. or in order to comply with the criteria set by such agency
(4.1) information that can identify the true identity of the customer and/or the beneficiary of the digital asset trading of the customer across all levels
(4.2) Client's investment objectives
(4.3) information about the Client's trades whether such trades are made through the Company or not
2.3 Account Usage
(1) The customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the website in all respects.
(2) The Customer agrees to be responsible for the maintenance of their Pins, User IDs (“User ID”) and Passwords (“Password”). (API) confidentially. and including any transactions conducted through the Company's digital asset trading system. If anyone brings identification code User ID and password of the customer to view information and/or place orders for or sell digital assets, in any case the customer agrees to be entirely responsible for such actions. The customer agrees and accepts that it is the customer's responsibility to keep the identification code. Keep their user ID and password confidential. and prevent other people from taking their identity User ID and password to use
(3) The customer is solely responsible for the loss. or any breach of information and/or personal data that may result in unauthorized access to the Customer's account by a third party. including the risk of loss or theft of cryptocurrencies and/or funds held in the Customer's account and any bank accounts and credit cards linked to the Customer's account, but the Company shall be liable for any loss or loss. or data harassment such was caused by the Company's error
(4) The customer is solely responsible for updating the email address. and current contact information on the customer's account page
(5) The Company shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss suffered by the Customer as a result of abuse of the User Account. login or personal information Except in the case of a serious offence. or deliberate neglect of the Company's duties
(6) In case the customer has reasonable grounds to suspect that The Customer's account information has been compromised. The Customer must immediately contact the Company at https://www.vra.asia or through the channels specified by the company If there is any change in the future The company reserves the right not to notify in advance. It will be announced on the company's website in the future
(7) Limited Licensing
(7.1) The Company grants a limited license to customers. It is not an exclusive right and is non-transferable. to access and use the content including the information displayed on the Website (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Content”) only for the permitted purposes. and for using the services of the company Under the terms and conditions specified by the company specifically, customers are prohibited from using such content. for purposes other than those specified
(7.2) The Customer agrees and agrees that Rights and privileges in the content, logos, about the company's services. or all information presented on the website Including other intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks registered mark or not registered (collectively, “IPRs”) remain the property of the Company and other licensors
(7.3) Customer agrees and accepts that it will not copy, transfer, sell, sell, license, reverse engineer, modify, distribute or participate in such transfer or sale. or create continuous work or make use of IPRs, in whole or in part. without the written consent of the Company and/or the licensor
(8) the accuracy of the site
(8.1) The Company shall be responsible for all information disclosed on the Website. which the customer may use the information in using the service In the event of a technical error or typographical errors caused by the company, but the company does not endorse or a statement to induce the client to decide to enter into any transaction, which is a decision made at the client's sole discretion
(8.2) In case the company changes information about product and service policies or important information related to the use of the company's services, such as fees, asset selection principles or important information about the company The company will notify the customer in advance
(8.3) In the event that information is linked to third party content (eg. third-party websites) for the convenience of the Company's website. But such content is not controlled by the Company. In such case, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that The Company shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for the information, materials or services contained in the content or websites of third parties accessed or connected to the Company's Sites.
(9) Use is prohibited. prohibited business or conditional use
(9.1) Use of the Company's services and interactions between customers other users and outsiders The customer guarantees that The customer will not take any action related to any prohibited business. Prohibited use or use with the conditions set forth in Appendix 1
(9.2) The Company reserves the right to monitor, review, return, withhold and/or disclose any information as necessary at any time in accordance with laws, regulations, sanctions, legal proceedings. or an appropriate state order in relation to prohibited business Prohibited use or conditional use
(9.3) The Company reserves the right and its sole discretion to terminate and/or suspend a user account and/or block any transaction (e.g. transaction, transfer, Exchange matchmaking transactions or deposit-withdrawal of Thai baht wallets) or immediately suspend and maintain funds. In the event that the customer's account is used in connection with a prohibited business Prohibited use or conditional use without prior notice
(10) Temporary suspension, termination and termination of access to the service
(10.1) is the Company's sole discretion. The Company may (a) suspend, restrict or terminate access to all or part of the Services and/or (b) close or terminate the Customer's account in circumstances such as
(1) the Company is required to do so pursuant to a subpoena, court order or government order; or
(2) The company suspects The customer uses the customer's account. in conducting prohibited business Prohibited use or conditional use; or
(3) the use of the customer's account is pending a litigation, investigation or government action, or
(4) The Company has assessed the risk of non-compliance with the law arising from the activities carried out by the Client through the account. User of a higher customer or
(5) The service provider to the Company is unable to support the customer's use, or
(6) The Client takes actions that the Company deems to interfere with the Company's control in any way, such as opening multiple accounts. or misuse of promotions offered by the Company, for example
(7) The Client violates any policy or instruction that the Company notifies the Client from time to time
(10.2) If the company temporarily suspends use or close the customer's account or terminate the use of the Company's services for any reason The company will notify the customer of such action. Unless there is a court order. or required legal process The Company is prohibited from notifying customers. The Client acknowledges that the Company's decision to take any action described in Clause 10 may be made on a confidential basis. which is necessary for risk management and other security policies of the company Customer agrees that The Company is not obligated to disclose the details of its risk management. and security procedures for customers
(10.3) If the company temporarily suspends the use or close the customer's account or terminate the use of the Company's services for whatever reason The Company reserves the right for customers to go through an identity verification process before they can make a transfer. or withdraw digital assets or legal currency from digital asset wallets or baht wallets
(10.4) Customer may terminate Customer's account at any time. by contacting the company in person Request to close the account and complete the withdrawal of all money and digital assets from the account The customer will not be charged for termination of that user account. But terminating this user account will not release the customer from any liability. or liability for payments owed to the Company
(10.5) The Customer authorizes the Company to cancel and suspend any transactions in progress while notifying the termination of the Customer's account.
(11) Privacy of other users
(11.1) If the Client receives information about other users through the use of the Company's services. The customer must keep such information confidential. and use that information only in relation to the Company's services
(11.2) Customers must not disclose or disseminate information of other users to third parties. or use that information unless it is necessary to carry out a transfer transaction or successful exchange matching transactions or other similar operations To support account balance and bookkeeping Unless the customer has received prior notice of specific consent from the user. The customer agrees not to send unsolicited emails. to other users through the Company's services
(11.3) The Client warrants and defends the Company against lawsuits. Complaints from other users for damage and compensation arising from the use of information obtained by the customer

General Agreement on Digital Asset Trading

3.1 Any instruction of the Customer shall be effective upon receipt by the Company, and any instruction of the Customer shall be effective until it is canceled or superseded by it. Others later, unless agreed otherwise. The Client shall be responsible for all consequences that may arise from the Company's execution of the Client's instructions. The Company shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage incurred by the Customer. or incurred by the Client as a result of the Company's execution of the Client's instructions
3.2 The Client may cancel a digital asset trading order sent via the internet or other electronic system if such order has not been confirmed in the Company's digital asset trading system.
3.3 The Company has the right to confirm the Customer's orders via the Internet. or any other electronic system or by any other means the Company deems appropriate
3.4 The Company has the right not to execute orders which exceed the digital asset trading limit that the Company has approved for the Client. which the customer agrees to accept that the company does not proceed with such order without claiming any damages or expenses from the Company at all
3.5 The Client agrees to sell only digital assets in the digital asset trading account opened with the Company
3.6 The Company has the right to prohibit or fail to execute or cancel (a) an order which causes the Customer to own any Digital Asset in excess of the volume prescribed by the Company; considered inappropriate or prohibited by law or regulations of the company or related agencies In addition, the Company has the right to suspend the Customer from trading digital assets through the Internet or other electronic systems, provided that the Customer shall not be entitled to claim damages or expenses from the Company at all.
3.7 Customer warrants that The client is well aware of the rules, conditions and procedures relating to the trading of digital assets via the internet or other electronic systems and accepts the risks that may arise in relation to the trading of digital assets via the internet or other electronic media in accordance with this agreement
3.8 The Customer agrees and accepts that Buying and/or selling digital assets is an ordering and/or selling of digital assets based on the name, type, type, amount, and price that you want to buy and/or sell, without specifying whether it is buying from or selling to a person. who or who is the holder of the digital asset that buys or sells it or that the asset has any specific characteristics and when the company must receive or deliver the digital assets to the buyer Sellers or customers use the same kind of digital assets. and the same number is interchangeable
3.9 In trading digital assets The Company allows the Client to trade digital assets through the Company under this Agreement within the limit as approved by the Company and in accordance with the calculation method of the Company's limit. customer prior consent The Client agrees to accept such increases or decreases in credit limits without the Company's prior notice to the Client
3.10 In the event that either party has changed the account number and/or documentary evidence and/or any action affecting the deduction and/or crediting of the account. according to this agreement That party is obligated to notify the other party immediately. If that party fails to do so, which causes damage to the other party That party will be responsible for all
3.11 In case of defective errors Among the actions and / or all the documented information, details occur whether errors, defects and / or damage thereof. will occur from computer systems, electricity, telecommunication or other related systems And regardless of whether the cause can be blamed on the company or not. Both parties agreed to jointly find a solution. for the benefit of both parties For the purposes of this Agreement and the Client agrees not to raise any cause against the Company for any damages whatsoever
3.12 In case the Client wishes to pay and/or deliver money in accordance with this Agreement. In foreign currency, the customer agrees to use the exchange rate of foreign currency against the baht that commercial banks (with the Company's approval) offer to buy from the general public on the date and time of the exchange. as a basis for calculation In case of payment and/or delivery of money by the Company, the foreign exchange rate shall be used against the Thai Baht that commercial banks (with the approval of the Company) offer for sale to the general public on the day the said exchange company shall be the basis for making payment and/or delivery of money. calculate
3.13 The Client agrees to bear all fees and/or risks and/or damages arising from such foreign currency exchange rates
3.14 The company does not guarantee the value. and any legal status of digital assets listed on the Company's website. The Client understands that digital assets are not legal money. and no government guarantees In addition, digital assets may continue to increase in value. and may decrease in value so quickly that it may run out of value
3.15 Exclusions of Company Liability under this Agreement. will not exclude or limit the liability of the Company when there is damage to the customer due to the fact that the company, directors, executives or personnel do not operate the business or operate in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws


the client's bitcash account (hereinafter referred to as “Customer's account”) includes basic services. as follows (collectively referred to as “Services of the Company”)
4.1 provides one digital asset wallet. or more than one currency that will allow customers to store digital assets supported by the company's website, such as bitcoin, ethereum in which the said account The Customer can track, transfer or manage digital assets stored in such account (hereinafter referred to as “Digital Wallet Service”)
4.2 Digital asset account matching service on the Company's website. The Client will be able to transfer digital assets supported by the Company's website to others who have registered an account with the Company's website. The Company will match the price quoted by the Customer with the offerings of other users listed on the Company's website. It is a matchmaking process on the Company's website (“Exchange Matchmaking Service”). The Client understands that the Company only processes order matching and that transactions between the Client and other registered users on the Company's website are carried out at the sole discretion of the Company. the customer himself
4.3 Only for exchange purposes. and matching of digital currency exchanges supported by the Company's website. “Baht wallet”)

Digital wallet services

5.1 General Principles
(1) By using the digital wallet service Customers can send, receive and store digital assets supported by the Company's website from third parties or themselves. pursuant to instructions provided by the Client through the Company's website (each transaction is separately referred to as “transfer transaction”)
(2) The Company reserves the right to either (a) refuse, (b) resume or (c) cancel any pending transfer transactions. according to the conditions set forth in the law or (d) impose limitations on the execution of the transfer transaction. at the Company's sole discretion which is final
(3) The Company cannot modify and recall the transfer transaction of digital assets that have been forwarded for review. and already verified in the Digital Currency Network
(4) The company will provide a digital wallet service. Only digital assets that the Company considers in its sole discretion to be accepted. Such digital assets may change from time to time
(5) In case the customer has a problem with the digital assets supported by the company. Please go to www.vra.asia / contact or through the channels specified by the company. If there is any change in the future The company reserves the right not to notify in advance. It will be announced on the company's website in the future
(6) In any case The Customer shall not attempt to use the Customer's Digital Wallet to store, send, request or receive digital assets that are not supported by the Company. and the Client is responsible for insuring the Company against any risks, damages, complaints or other risks arising from such actions by the Client
(7) In the event that the customer has transferred digital assets that are not certified by the company. The customer can request the company to transfer such digital assets back. There is no minimum amount to get it back. The company will charge a fee for transferring such digital assets back in the amount of 3000 baht per time. The company will collect the fee in baht from the customer's baht wallet. And will transfer the digital assets back to the customer within 30 days from the date of receiving the fee payment
(8) The Company reserves the right, and at its sole discretion, to manage interest and any other benefits arising from digital assets in digital wallets deposited by the Client with the Company.

Matchmaking Service

6.1 General Principles
(1) Qualified users under the laws of a particular country. may be able to access the exchange matchmaking service
(2) By using the exchange matchmaking service The Customer acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that the Exchange Matching Order provided by the Customer for use of the Exchange Matching Service (“Exchange Matching Transaction”) is can't fix or can be canceled
(3) The company reserves the right to temporarily suspend / suspend or cancel exchange-matching transactions. If the Company considers that there is a risk of fraud or there is a risk of illegal activity Or sending inappropriate orders that are or may be a violation or contrary to the Digital Assets Act 2018 and the customer will not be able to claim damages or compensation from such actions of the company. In the case of the use of exchange-matching transactions that the Company considers to be risky The company does not guarantee that conducting such exchanges will be completely accomplished through the company's website
(4) All orders in each exchange match transaction. Must be made in the amount of not less than 10 (ten) baht per transaction order
6.2 Exchange Matching Transaction Fee
(1) each transaction matchmaking a fee is charged (“Transaction Fee”)
(2) The company discloses transaction fees. for each transaction on the Company's website before the customer sends the order Successful matchmaking transaction
(3) Our website may share orders for exchange-matching transactions that you submit together. to match the order of other service users in the system automatically in which case You understand that A transaction fee will be charged on every exchange match divided by our website system, but the fee will be calculated based on the actual value at which each exchange match is made. But no duplicate fees will be calculated and collected
(4) The company will not conduct a matchmaking transaction. If the remaining amount in the client's account is insufficient to cover the transaction fee and any other related fees such as transfer fees
(5) Payments made by other means such as bank transfer (if permitted) are subject to different transaction fees that the Company discloses to the customer in advance. where the customer will carry out a matchmaking transaction
(6) Availability of payment methods and transaction fees. It depends on many factors, such as the customer's address, the personally identifiable information that the customer provides to the company. and restrictions imposed by third-party payment processors. Customers can also view the current transaction fee rates applicable to their address. and payment method for reference on the Company's website
(7) The company reserves the right to modify or waive transaction fees at any time, however, the Company's discretion is final. The company will notify the customer in writing on the website before implementing such changes
6.3 Recalls and Cancellations
(1) The customer acknowledges that The customer may not cancel, recall or change any exchange-matching transaction that is deemed to have been completed or in progress.
(2) If the payment is unsuccessful or the amount is insufficient for payment The Client agrees and agrees to authorize the Company to use at its sole discretion. To cancel a matchmaking transaction or deduct the amount from another customer's payment method. as well as any number of linked accounts necessary to complete the exchange matching transaction. without having to send a written notice to the customer or request permission from the customer first
(3) The company reserves the right to refuse the cancellation process. or to recall any exchange-matching transaction at its sole discretion. even if such digital assets have been credited to the customer's account, if (a) the Company suspects that Matchmaking transactions involve (or have a high risk of involvement) with money laundering. The financing of terrorism, fraud, or any other financial crime. or if the Company complies with a subpoena, court order or other governmental order; or (b) the Company suspects that The exchange match transaction is invalid. or in connection with any prohibited use or prohibited transactions or the conditional use described in such case. The company will recall the transaction. and the Customer agrees and agrees to waive all rights to any claims against the Company arising from the termination. or the recall of such company


7.1 baht wallet
(1) for the purpose of matchmaking transactions. customer must open and transfer funds to a wallet that will be used solely for conducting exchange-matching transactions (“Wallet”)
(2) in that case The client is the owner of the wallet balance and the client is responsible for it. and unilateral liability for wallet under the condition that The Company shall maintain funds in the Client's wallet in a protected bank account only with a financial institution
7.2 Deposits and Withdrawals
(1) The customer must initiate a transfer from the customer's bank account to the wallet
(2) A fee will be charged for withdrawing funds from the client's wallet. at the rate of fees set by the company
(3) for deposits The company will increase the amount deposited into the client's wallet. According to the amount of currency deposited by the customer After the money has been transferred to the company and has been approved to verify that the money transfer does not violate any of the Company's conditions
(4) for withdrawals The company has withdrawal conditions. following
1) Customers are able to withdraw money per day up to the limit that the company considers approving to customers. After passing through the identity verification process specified by the company The customer must have at least one verified bank account to receive money transfers

General Terms

8.1 Disclosure Agreement
in the event that the Company has to comply with any law, order, judgment, commitment or agreement or in case of reasonable grounds whether it is happening now or will happen in the future The Customer agrees that the Company can disclose information about (1) the true identity of the Customer and/or the actual beneficiaries from the use of the Services or transactions with the Company; This request (3) the purpose of the transaction under this request, and (4) any information or documents related to the transaction in accordance with this request, to (a) any state or government agency; (b) regulators (c) contract parties of the company (d) related persons or companies (affiliates) (e) employees, employees or contractors of the company and related companies Including agreeing to allow the company to verify customer information or take any action as necessary for compliance with any law, order, judgment, obligation or agreement
8.2 Liability and Indemnity
(1) If the customer has a dispute with another user or third parties from the service of the Company The Client agrees and agrees not to claim or hold the Company liable. arising from such disputes of any nature and kind arising in connection with that dispute
(2) The customer agrees to indemnify and protect from claims and suits (including attorneys' fees and fines, penalties from regulatory authorities) arising out of or in connection with a breach of this Agreement. including amended agreements made or any violation of any law, rule or regulation of the Customer. including infringing on the rights of third parties
(3) In addition to the rights that the Company has to the Customer under this Agreement. The Company is entitled to hold the Customer responsible for all damages and expenses that the Company may incur arising out of or in connection with this Agreement. or in relation to the acts or omissions of the Client or its representatives. Including all damages and expenses that the Company may incur as a result of claims or suits by others to hold the Company liable in connection with this Agreement. which is not caused by any act of omission or fault of the Company
8.3 Limitation of Liability
The customer agrees and agrees that The company will not be held liable. for damages from losses or special damages indirect damages intangible damages or other continuous damages whether it is the cause of the violation or any other action arising from or in connection with the permitted use. or not allowed on the website or improper use of company services or the Customer's breach of this Agreement. unless it is caused by a mistake in providing the Company's services
8.4 All Terms
this agreement and attachments to this agreement It constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the Company and the Customer in respect of this Agreement and shall apply. Consultation, Agreement and Understanding Regardless of any nature, such as the previous agreement, the topics in each section of this agreement It is set up for communication purposes only. and shall not prevail over the interpretation of the terms in each such section
8.5 Amendments
(1) The Company may, at its sole discretion, and without prior notice of amendments or modifications this agreement and the appendix herein. The amendments will be published through the Company's website. or email to customers such changes It will be fully effective upon signing or acceptance in writing between the Company and the Client. where the customer agrees and agrees to strictly comply with the conditions set by the Company
(2) If the Client does not agree and consent to any amendments The Client has the right to cancel the use of the Company's services and close the user's account
(3) The customer agrees that The company will not be liable to customers or third parties. for modifying or terminating the Company's services including temporary suspension and termination of access to the client's account. unless specifically stated otherwise
8.6 Assignment of rights and obligations
(1) Customer shall not assign rights or obligations under this Agreement. and related to the services of the company in any case without the Company's specific written consent
(2) The company reserves the right to transfer the rights of the company. Without limitations such as the transfer of rights to affiliates or other assignees who have an interest in the business and services of the Company
(3) In the event that the Company has entered into a merger with a third party. The Company reserves the right in any event to transfer or provide information that the Company has collected from customers. or third parties necessary for the merger. or trading change the control of such company
(4) Attempt to assign or assign rights. that violates this requirement void and unenforceable
(5) under the conditions stated above. This Agreement will continue to be binding. for the benefit of the parties identified in the Agreement and the authorized assignees
8.7 partial void
If any provision of this Agreement is considered incomplete or unenforceable. Under any regulation, law or regulation or by any government agency. Any local, state or federal authority, such terms will be amended and construed in such a way as to the extent permitted by applicable law. and the invalidity of some such provisions. will not affect the integrity or to enforce other provisions of this Agreement and other provisions
8.8 These Terms shall survive the termination of the Agreement
this agreement Which by nature comes into effect after the termination of this Agreement, such as provisions on the suspension or termination of user account or the debt that the customer has to the company GENERAL USE OF COMPANY WEBSITES, DISPUTES AND GENERAL PROVISIONS will continue to be in effect. even if this Agreement is terminated and terminated
8.9 Termination of Agreement
(1) This agreement has no time limit. and this Agreement shall remain in force until terminated by either party
(2) The Client may only terminate the Agreement if it appears that the Client has no outstanding debts to the Company. Termination of Agreement in this case The customer must notify the company in writing. If it appears that the Customer does not have any outstanding debts to the Company, the Agreement shall be terminated on the seventh business day following the date on which the Company receives such letter. The Client agrees that the Company has the right to exercise discretion to suspend. or suspend trading of digital assets of customers whereby the Client shall not claim any damages from the Company
(3) If the customer has not made digital asset trading contacts with the company for a period of time that the company deems appropriate and/or the customer does not have any debts owed to the company and / or does not have any assets remaining stay with the company The Client agrees that the Company may, at its discretion, suspend and/or close the Client's account. In the event that the Company has not yet closed the Client's account The company has the right to demand the customer to pay for account maintenance in the amount and within the period specified by the company
(4) in the event that the Company terminates the Agreement with the Customer. The company will notify the customer in writing and the customer agrees to pay all debts of the customer. Including interest and cost of debt equipment to the Company within the period to be notified by the Company
8.10 Governing Law and dispute resolution
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand. In the event of a civil dispute relating to or due to operating a digital asset exchange center Customer may request dispute resolution by Thai arbitration. The company is willing to enter the arbitration process upon the customer's request
8.11 Majeure
The company is not responsible for delays. or defect in operation or interruption of the Company's services. which arises directly or indirectly from factors beyond our reasonable control, such as delays or defects due to natural disasters civil or military power terrorism insurgency, war, strike or other labor disputes, fires, floods, telecommunication disruptions or internet service or network service provider EQUIPMENT AND/OR SOFTWARE FAILURE OR DISASTER or other phenomena beyond the Company's commercial control and all force majeure shall not affect the enforcement and performance of other agreements